Montana and Wyoming Tourism InsiderAnalysis of online data, stats, advertising budgets and trends
within Montana and Wyoming's tourism industry. 

Compiled by Bruce Gourley, Founder and Owner, Yellowstone.Net


About Bruce Gourley

Bruce is the founder and owner of Yellowstone Net (, established in 1997 as the first Yellowstone-area online reservations service.  He also owns numerous other websites and is an Internet Strategist consultant for a variety of businesses and organizations both within and without the travel industry. 

About Yellowstone Net

The original Yellowstone-area online reservations website, Yellowstone Net is also a content portal featuring tens of thousands of pages, a popular discussions forum community, and an advertising platform for major travel corporations and regional hotels, tourism vendors and state tourism agencies. 

Yellowstone Net is ranked as one of the leading tourism websites worldwide

Bruce Gourley, Owner of Yellowstone Net, Internet Strategist

Bruce Gourley, founder and owner of Yellowstone Net (